Essure Sterilization

Effective birth control is a major concern for many women. While there are many options, most come with side effects, hassles or worries about complete protection. When you decide that your family is complete and are considering permanent birth control, Essure sterilization can wipe away all of your concerns with a simple, incision-free procedure.

Essure is the first non-invasive procedure to provide permanent and effective birth control. But it is different than other forms of birth control. Unlike birth control pills, patches, and rings, Essure contains no hormones. Unlike tubal ligation, Essure requires no incision, no cutting or burning and no anesthesia.

Essure inserts a spring-like coil into the body through the vagina, cervix and uterus before stopping at the fallopian tubes. Body tissue in the area will then grow into the inserts and create a natural barrier to prevent sperm from getting to the egg. Development of the barrier takes about 3 months so another method of birth control will be needed during that time. After the 3 months, a special X-ray is used to verify that the tubes are fully blocked. After this is confirmed, you may start relying on Essure as your only form of birth control. It is 99.8% effective based on a 4-year study.

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