Mako FAQ

What is Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery™?

The Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery is the latest approach to joint replacement that offers the potential for a higher level of patient-specific implant alignment and positioning. The Mako system provides each patient with a personalized surgical experience based on their specific diagnosis and anatomy. The advanced robotic technology allows our surgeons to create a patient-specific 3D plan that uses a CT scan to guide the reconstruction plan, considering each patient’s specific anatomy and ligament balance.

What are the advantages of using the MAKO system?

With the Mako system, the surgeries are more precise which can decrease your time at the hospital and speed up your recovery time.

Does the Mako Robotic-Arm actually perform the surgery?

No, the robotic arm cannot move without the surgeon. The surgeon guides the Mako robotic-arm within the predefined area, helping the surgeon stay within the boundaries that were defined in the patient-specific 3D plan. The surgeon also guides the Mako robotic-arm to remove diseased bone and cartilage, and then inserts the full or partial knee or hip replacement. During the surgery, all decisions are made by the surgeon.

Who should get the surgery?

Total hip, total knee, and partial knee replacements are meant for individuals with joint disease resulting from degenerative, rheumatoid, and post-traumatic arthritis. It’s also for those suffering from moderate deformity of the knee or hip.

What can I expect following surgery?

After surgery, our team will help you recover by setting goals to get you moving again. Most patients never stay more than a couple nights in the hospital and return to their normal routines in four to six weeks.

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