As COVID-19 continues to spread, the Arkansas Department of Health stated that smoking not only increases a person’s susceptibility to the disease but leads to more severe symptoms and a higher mortality rate. Smoking is associated with increased development of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), putting smokers at a higher risk of developing serious complications. Additionally, the inhalation of second-hand smoke poses similar risks.

Smoking or vaping weakens the lungs making it harder for the lung’s ability to fight off infection. The most severe cases of COVID-19 include respiratory issues such as shortness of breath. Because of this, smokers and vapers are advised to take this time to try to quit or cut down.

Below is a list of resources that we recommend to help you quit smoking for your health and the health of those around you:


Arkansas Quit Line - 1-800-QUITNOW

Judgement-free toll-free number 

AR Dept. of Health – 1-833-283-WELL (9355)

Resources in the state of Arkansas to give people the tools they need to quit smoking


Free resources to help you create a personalized plan to quit smoking 


Phone Apps


QuitNow! - Makes quitting easier by helping you focus your energy on your new ex-smoker status,  staying motivated, community, and health improvements. 


MyQuit CoachMyQuit Coach - Choose the approach that works best for you — going cold turkey or slowly decreasing your nicotine intake — and track your cigarette consumption and your cravings for proof that you really are making progress. 


Cessation NationCessation Nation - Join a nation of other people working to quit smoking. Distract the craving with a game or your personal ex-smoker stats.


QuitGuideQuitGuide - Helps you understand your smoking patterns and build the skills needed to become and stay smoke-free. You can track moods, cravings, triggers, and get tips for distractions. 


Smoke Free Smoke Free - Science built a smoking app that has over 20 different evidenced-based techniques to help you become and stay smoke-free. Shows you how much money you’ve saved, how many cigarettes you’ve not smoked, how long you’ve been smoke-free, and how much life you’ve regained by improving your health.

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