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Tribute Tree Honorees

2013 Tributes



In memory of Marian Marie Griffin from G.L. Griffin
In memory of Floyd Singleton from Edie Singleton

In Memory of Samuel "Sam" Gallatin Beal from Ted & Laurie Smith
In Memory of Blake Benton from Josh & Alicia Sims
In Memory of Rex Lovell from Hilda J. Lovell
In Memory of Jon Scott McMahan with love from Mom & Dad
in Memory of Jon McMahan from Leah & Rick Green
in Memory of Agnes Siebenmorgen from Catherine Pinter & Family
In Honor of Bob and Clydine Waid from Lisa Buck

White Light (in memory)
Raymond Bright from Doretta Bright
Gerald Cormier from Wayne & Joy Cox
Emma Lou Cox from Wayne & Joy Cox
Dr. Thomas Henson from Aleene Henson & Sara Shinn
Morris Jenkins from Dylis Jenkins
James Johnsen from Judith Johnsen
Jason Lee from Mike & Lisa Hammers
Milburn McKenzie with Love, Lana, Adam, Ashley & Kristin
Jon McMahan with Love, Lana, Adam, Ashley & Kristin
Bob & Barbara Nabholz from Lonnie & Martha Williams
Skylar Alexis Nichols from Brenda Sue Nichols
Stan Nichols from Brenda Sue Nichols
Bill Otto from Donna & Ray Hambuchen
Eddie Stevenson from Tanya Smith & Family 
Christine Thessing from Donna & Ray Hambuchen
Wendell VanWinkle from Joyce VanWinkle
David Worley from Mike & Lisa Hammers
Betty H. Young from Ann & David Peters

Red Light (in honor)
Stacia Adams Women's Council Steering Committee
Lauren Aloway Dazzle Daze Committee
Valari Bristol Dazzle Daze Committee
Janie Childress Women's Council Steering Committee
Debbie Clark Women's Council Steering Committee
Cleta Cormier from Wayne & Joy Cox
Roy Cox from Wayne & Joy Cox
Janet Criswell Dazzle Daze Committee
Jennifer Cunningham Dazzle Daze Committee
CV OR Team from Dr. EJ & Yvonne Chauvin
CVICU Nurses from Dr. EJ & Yvonne Chauvin
Sue Dablock Women's Council Steering Committee
Brittany Dunaway Dazzle Daze Committee
Peggy Duvall from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
Janis Elms Dazzle Daze Committee
Donna Evans Dazzle Daze Committee
Beth Fahr Women's Council Steering Committee
Julie Finley Women's Council Steering Committee
Cherie Flowers Dazzle Daze Committee
Michelle Freyaldenhoven Dazzle Daze Committee
Lisa Gamble Women's Council Steering Committee
Clay Gordon from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
Don Greenland from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
Bill Hannah from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
Jennifer Hill Women's Council Steering Committee
Kelly Hillis Women's Council Steering Committee
Jayme Jeane Women's Council Steering Committee
Sonja Keith Women's Council Steering Committee
Helen Lockhart Women's Council Steering Committee
Mr. D.K. Martin from Paula & Richard
Kristi Massey Dazzle Daze Committee 
Cindy Moody from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
Charles & Charlotte Nabholz from Lonnie & Martha Williams
Wendy Nelson Dazzle Daze Committee
MissE Newton Dazzle Daze Committee
Amanda Palmer from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
Carol Patty Women's Council Steering Committee
Michelle Phillips Women's Council Steering Committee
Aimee Prince Dazzle Daze Committee
Maria Pruitt Women's Council Steering Committee
Lori Quinn Women's Council Steering Committee
Amy Reed Women's Council Steering Committee
Mitzi Reynolds Women's Council Steering Committee
DeEnna Runyon Women's Council Steering Committee
St. Joseph Faculty & Staff from Joe and Teresa mallett
Sheryl Sample Women's Council Steering Committee
Paula Shaw Dazzle Daze Committee
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Shepherd from Mike & Lisa Hammers
Jami Smith Dazzle Daze Committee
Megan Sullins from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
Lynn Tanguay Dazzle Daze Committee
Kate Vincent Women's Council Steering Committee
Mary Ward Dazzle Daze Committee
Shelia Whitmore Women's Council Steering Committee
Greg Williams from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
Hannah Williams from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
Andrea Woods from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
Lindsay Wygal Women's Council Steering Committee
Rikki Wyzgoski Dazzle Daze Committee

last updated December 26, 2013

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