Conway Regional Health System has a wide variety of well informed experts available to come and speak to your organization and share their expertise on interesting healthcare topics.  This service is free to you and is just one of the many ways Conway Regional gives back to the community.

If you are interested in one of the following topics and would like for someone to speak to your organization, click here to fill out a Speakers Bureau Request Form. If a topic you are interested in is not listed below, you may suggest a topic and we will make every attempt to fulfill your request.

Available Topics

Health System Issues

1. Conway Regional Medical Center's growth and projects
2. Future of health care
3. Primary Care Networks
4. Physician recruitment
5. HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act)
6. Careers in healthcare


1. Breast cancer
2. Chemotherapy
3. Prostate Cancer
4. Savvy Caregiver program
5. Smoking/chewing risk
6. Palliative Care - End of Life issues
7. Basic Cancer Guidelines and Recommendations

Heart Health

1. Heart attack risk factors
2. Stroke risk factors
3. Heart disease
4. Cardiac cath lab
5. Cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiothoracic Surgery

1. Open heart surgery
2. Recovering from open heart surgery
3. Heart Lung machine


1. Skin cancer
2. Sun protection and sunburns


1. Diabetes risk factors
2. Cooking for people with diabetes
3. Diabetes treatment options

Emergency Services

1. First Aid
2. Emergency care
3. CPR


1. How can you help support Conway Regional Health System?


1. Colon Cancer
2. Ulcer Disease

Health & Fitness Center

1. Hospital based wellness centers
2. Get fit and reduce injuries
3. Arthritis and exercise
4. Exercise and weight loss
5. Exercise for seniors: what to do and what is important
6. Reduce your blood pressure without medications
7. The importance of stretching before you work: demonstration for laborers
8. The serious runner: Training for competition
9. The hazards of fad dieting
10. Nutrition and cancer prevention
11. Nutrition and disease prevention (i.e. diabetes, heart, osteoporosis)
12. Health and Fitness Center in general

Home Health

1. Home health services
2. Telehealth services
3. Lifeline services

Information Systems

1. Health information systems

Internal Medicine

1. A practical approach to preventive health care
2. Sudden death-emergency response treatment
3. Discussion of medical disease: high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, diabetes and high cholesterol
4. Differences between primary care physician and internal medicine physician.


1. Careers in the laboratory
2. General laboratory topics
3. HIV/Hepatitis
4. Infectious disease


1. General Conway Regional services
2. Public relations
3. Marketing

Maxillofacial/Cosmetic Surgery

1. Skin health
2. Cosmetic procedures
3. Jaw surgery

Medical Information

1. Medical records responsibilities
2. Electronic medical records


1. Nursing opportunities
2. Nurse recruitment

Nutritional Services

1. Dietary guidelines for Americans


1. Infertility
2. The need for female preventive medicine
3. Menopause and estrogen replacement therapy
4. Osteoporosis

Occupational Therapy

1. Work place injuries
2. Prevention of work injuries


1. Arthritis-total joint replacement surgery
2. Tendonitis-shoulder and elbow
3. Pediatric fractures
4. Sports medicine-knee injuries, ACL reconstruction, all sports related injuries
5. Trauma-orthopedic care of the poly-traumatized patient
6. Total hip/knee replacement
7. Carpal tunnel syndrome
8. Knee ligament and/or cartilage injury
9. Shoulder dislocations: Instability
10. Rotator cuff tears/bursitis, tendonitis

Otolaryngology (Ear,  Nose and Throat)

1. Allergies: Diagnosis and treatment
2. Ear infections in children
3. Hearing loss and treatment
4. Snoring
5. Tonsil and adenoid infections
6. Treatment of sinusitis


1. Asthma
2. Sleep disorders
3. Apnea/monitoring SIDS
4. General Pediatric Topics

Physical Therapy

1. Cardiovascular Rehabilitation
2. Prevention and treatment for acute fitness injuries
3. Physical Therapy
4. Speech Therapy
5. Therapy after surgery
6. Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation


1. Psychiatric issues
2. Senior Evaluaton & Counseling Center
3, Geriatric Transitional Care Center


1. Mammograms
2. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
3. Advances in digital imaging
4. Diagnostic X-ray
5. Nuclear Medicine
6. Ultrasound

Sports Medicine

1. General sports medicine
2. Athletic training


1. Prostate cancer
2. Urinary incontinence
3. Impotence
4. Prostate disease
5. Erectile dysfunction
6. Urinary tract infections
7. Stone disease

Volunteer Services

1. Volunteering; An American Invention
2. General Conway Regional volunteer information
3. Volunteer programs at Conway Regional
4. Conway Regional Women's Council 


1. Communicating with Sensitivity
2. If you have a request but do not see the topic listed please feel free to ask.  The list shown includes suggested topics but we can work with you to meet your needs as appropriate.

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