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What to Bring

The following are some guidelines to follow when preparing for a hospital stay.


When coming to the hospital patients should bring your medication in the bottle that you received from your pharmacy. This is important to help our staff ensure that you are consistently receiving the correct dosage and type of medicine that your doctor prescribed. 


You are strongly encouraged to leave all valuable personal items at home or send them home with a family member. Your dentures, hearing aids, glasses or contact lenses should be kept in their appropriate cases and guarded against loss when not in use. Conway Regional Rehabilitation Hospital will not assume responsibility for or replace any lost or damaged items-including dentures, hearing aids, glasses or contact lenses.

Electrical Appliances

State and Federal safety requirments do not allow personal elecrical appliances to be used in the hospital.

What to Pack:

  • Pants, skirt, dresses
  • Shirts/Blouse
  • Socks
  • Personal Care Items
  • Shoes
  • Night Clothes (pajamas and robe)
  • Don't forget - glasses, lens, dentures, hearing aids or prosthesis

Clothing and Laundry

Your stay here is to assist you in regaining independence.  To accomplish this, you will be participating in therapy programs and activity groups; therefore, you will need loose, comfortable clothing alond with a pair of sturdy, comfortable shoes with non-skid soles and daytime wear.  Pants/slacks are advised for exercise and activities in therapy.  Three changes of clothes are recommended.  Families will be responsible for doing your laundry at home.

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