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Identified Needs

The health of the community was studied extensively through primary and secondary research methods.  Conway Regional contracted with Stratasan to compile internal data and gather secondary data for use in the needs assessment.  Stratasan is an expert in data and provides advanced analysis to hospitals, surgery centers, pharmaceuticals, health plans, physician offices and communities.

  • Three years of hospital data including inpatient, outpatient and emergency room visits was analyzed.  The data was summarized by service line and mapped by location.  This information was used to more thoroughly understand the health service demand and disease profile of the community.
  • United Way conducted four focus groups (pulling from four different populations - college students, business leaders, women 30+ and laborers) that gathered information about our community strengths, weaknesses, personal health knowledge and perceptions of health in the community.
  • Karen Flake Research surveyed 605 residents to gather information about their personal health and well-being, health-related behaviors and risks for disease.
  • A Community Summit was conducted with more than 75 community leaders and citizens.  The audience consisted of healthcare workers, business leaders, school systems, government representatives and other community leaders.

Conway Regional leadership team met and evaluated the 11 identified needs and selected three needs to be Conway Regional's primary focus for improvement over the next three years (2013-2015).  We believe that all 11 needs are very important to the health of this community, but understand that if we can focus our resources on a few we can have a better impact on those rather than little impact on all.  We would like to assist other organizations in addressing the other needs as resources allow.  We encourage everyone in the community, organizations, business leaders and citizens to review these needs and see how you can help Faulkner County be a more healthy community.

Conway Regional Priorities




Other Need Areas

Healthcare Affordability

to Care


  Smoking, Drinking   
& Drug Abuse


Diet & Nutrition



This report is not the end of the process.

Currently, several small groups are forming to begin implementation on several fronts related to the needs identified at the Community Health Summit.  Please email for information regarding ongoing efforts and how you may get involved. 

Contact Us: 1-800-245-3314 or (501) 329-3831 2302 College Avenue, Conway, Arkansas 72034
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