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Childbirth Classes

Conway Regional Health System offers a wide variety of childbirth classes. 

All classes are held at the Conway Regional Women's Center in Classroom 1 and are taught by experienced childbirth educators. Dates are subject to change with advanced notice. Refunds are limited to those individuals unable to attend class due to early delivery, medical complications or physician recommendation. Other refund requests will be reviewed based on merit.

To register for a class online, select the class name below.

If you have problems accessing this portion of the site, please email or call (501) 513-5230. 

Childbirth Class
One-day, fast-paced, comprehensive childbirth class that focuses on understanding the anatomy of pregnancy, stages of labor, breathing techniques, anesthesia and different laboring positions.  The postpartum period and introduction to breastfeeding tips will be covered as well.

Breastfeeding Class
Class will discuss the wonder of the first hour after birth and how critical skin to skin in the first hour is for improving health, establishing breastfeeding and creating a bond between mother and newborn.  This class will also discuss the benefits of breastmilk, nutrition for mom, positioning, latching on, signs of effective breastfeeding, breast vs. formula and more. 

Babycare Basics
The focus of this class is to prepare expectant parents for their new baby.  Topics include characteristics of the newborn, safety, bathing, swaddling, consoling, feeding, and more.

Infant CPR For Family & Friends
This class is beneficial for those who are or will be caring for an infant.  It is an interactive experience in which a list of required skills will be covered and checked off.  


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