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2006 Honorees

2006 Honorees
Endowed Lights - $2,500

Established 2006
In loving memory of Frank & Melva Anderson from Donna & Ray Hambuchen
In honor of all the Robert & Patricia O'Connor children from the Smyers family

Established 2005
In loving memory of Joe & Mary Ellen Dildy from Margaret & Tom Beasley
In honor of Dr. Margaret Beasley from Susan Beasley

Star - $1,000
In memory of Dr. James Garrison and Carol Hill from Mrs. Millie Garrison

Angels (10 ft) - $500
In honor of all of our families who have experienced a loss - Conway Children's Clinic

Angels (7 ft) - $250
Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield
In honor of Matt & Tracy Beasley from Susan Beasley
In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Oran Beasley from Susan Beasley
In memory of Joan Ethridge from from LuAnn Stiefvater
In memory of Mr. Lauton Hall and in honor of Mrs. Lauton Hall from John & Janice Robbins
In love for our memory of Colton Wayne Harris - August 27, 2003 - from Tommy & Alice Reed
In memory of Mary Karnes, my mother, from Linda Tyler
In honor of Alex R. Lieblong from Mary Ellen Williams
In memory of Mr. Norman Robbins and in honor of Mrs. Ruth Robbins from John & Janice Robbins
In memory of Ryleigh Brooke Tilley from Clint & Courtney Chivers

Nutcrackers - $100
In honor of Bob Bridwell from your truly thankful family - Chris, Ashley, Matt & Nathan
In memory of Leatha Engelkes from Jack & Cheryl Engelkes
In memory of Kaitlyn Grace Ford from Alan & Seely Lucas
In memory of Paula Prince Hyde from Angela & Bobby Conrad
In honor of Janice Malone from Community Service
In honor of Barbara Jean Nabholz from Tom Nabholz
In memory of Norma Stewart from Mary Hulsey
Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie Williams

Ornaments - $50
In memory of daughter Sarah Catherin Blankenship from Bob & Catherin Blankenship
Dr. & Mrs. Alan Boon
In memory of Jamie Bray from the Associates of Wal-Mart #5
In honor of Landon, Luke & Logan Bruich from Dad & Mom
In honor of Conway Cancer Center from Nancy Allison
In honor of the CRHS Marketing Staff from Jan Spann
In honor of Dr. Jeff Craig from Nicholas & Nathan Moix
Tom & Margaret Davis
In memory of Josephine Dennis from Phil & Jan Stone
In memory of Elizabeth Eidson from Carolyn Eidson
In memory of Harold Eidson from Carolyn Eidson
In memory of Gus Enderlin, Jr. from Tom & Theresa Gerard
In memory of Kasey Addison Free from Ronnie & Sara Free
In honor of Logan Geier from Grandpa Jack & Granny D
In memory of Fred Gordy, M.D. from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
In memory of Cy J. Gray from Bea Gray
In honor of Eva Hall from Lander & Suzanne
In honor of Robert & Lucille Kordsmeier from Nichole Kordsmeier
In memory of my mother from F.L. Korompai, M.D.
In memory of Robbie Landrum from Teri & Nicolas
In memory of Frances Langham from Wanda Logan
In memory of Frances Langham from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
In memory of James Hayes Langrell from MaMa and PaPa Langrell
In memory of Jack Logan from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
In honor of Elizabeth Lynch from Audie J. Lynch
Michael Mason
In memory of Doyle "Dad" McDonald from Lins
In memory of Norbert Moix from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
In memory of Bernard Nabholz from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
In memory of Graham & Clara Nixon from Jan Spann
In honor of Pat Ott from Jim & Joanna Rankin and Adam Harrison
In memory of Robert L. Ott from Jim & Joanna Rankin and Adam Harrison
In memory of Kermit & Saundra Phillips from Michelle Phillips
In honor of Sandy Pitman from Dr. & Mrs. William Higgs
In memory of Nina Russ from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
In memory of Doris Sams from Hilda Lovell
In honor of St. Joseph Catholic School Faculty & Staff from Joe & Teresa Mallett
In memory of David Thessing from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
In memory of Lawanna Cook Thessing from Clemmie Cook
In honor of Lee Edward (Cheese) & Melvina White from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
In memory of Paul Williams from Charles & Charlotte Nabholz
In memory of our miscarried babies

White Lights (In memory of) - $15
Andrea from Melynda
Vennie Atchison from Mark & Terri Seiter
Cecilia Avance from Mary Hagenlocker
Cile Avance from Jim, Patrice, Elliot & Jordan
James Avance from Mary Hagenlocker
Jimmy Avance from Jim, Patrice, Elliot & Jordan
Ferris Baker, my husband, from Marion Baker
Randy Baker, my son, from Marion Baker
Dr. Bob Banister from Janis Banister
Kim Batisto from Linda Morey
Anna Beck from Lori Ross
June Beene from Bea Gray
Pairlee Bell from Bill & Eva Parker
Blake Benton from Kent & Jan Griffin
Blake Benton from Jerry & Marilyn
Hope Bray from Pete & Janet Perna
Jamie Bray from Gale Raycher
Emile & Amy Bright from Lou Anne & Roy Ward
Herman Brown from Justin
Norma Brumley from Kenneth Brumley
Sharon Bullard from Nancy Bullard & Donna Stephens
Van Bunch from Chris, Chandra & Carissa Mitchell
Wilma Campbell from Bill and Tammy Fulmer
Madeline Grace Carr from Catherine Rougeau
Frances Carter from Elizabeth Strickland
Austin "Buggie" Cartwright from Aunt Angie
Martin Chapman from Sada Chapman
Otto Chapman from Sada Chapman
Mike Clark from Ed and Missye Tyler
Lindsay Nicole Cody from the parents and family of Lindsay Cody
Jerl Collins from Your Family
Earl H. Collister from Gary & Kim Collister
Alan Blake Compton from Lynette Spruiell
Claretta Connaughton from your family
Mike Connaughton from your family
Dr. J.D. and Mrs. Ceclia Cooper from Linda and Mark Cooper
Loreta Courtney from Jamie Courtney
Bob Courtway from The Courtway Family
Bob Crisp from Gerri Crisp
Marsha Cruse from Jerry & Marilyn
Chad Edward Daves from Mom
Cash Derrick from April Derrick
Dorothy Dewolf from Tom & Charlotte
Kirk Dingman
Gram Dominguez from Terry and June
Dr. Sam Driggers from the Driggers Family
Nell Dumas from Linda and Mark Cooper
Angelia Marie Dunlap from Don and Mary Mallory
Gus Enderlin from Rose Enderlin
Gus Enderlin from Robert & Lori Ross
Jacob Engeler from the Rougeau Family
Jose Esteban from Gabriel & Jo Esteban
Brenda Reed Ethridge from Conway Regional 4th Floor Nursing Staff
Sheila Wilson Evans from Billy and Mary Wilson
Bobby Wayne Fason from Arlene
Lauren Ruth Finley from Alan & Julie Finley
Matthew Alan Finley I from Alan & Julie Finley
Michael Bryan Finley from Alan & Julie Finley
James Flowers from Grandpa & Joyce
Doug Foreman from Mom and Dad
Dr. Edward M. Foster from Conway Regional 4th Floor Nursing Staff
Shelly Fowlkes from Leta Stuckey
Herbert Frenkel from Ruth Frenkel
Herbert Frenkel from Ellen Frenkel Kirsch
Ben Fulmer from Dad and Mom
Uncle Ben Fulmer from Gracie Young
Ruby Lee Fulmer from Bill and Tammy Fulmer
Dorothy Hagenlocker from Mary Hagenlocker
Lois Hamilton from Sandra White
Alyssa Grace Hammers from Uncle Mike, Aunt Lisa, Jay and Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Heber Hardy from Dr. H.B. Hardy, Jr.
Colton Wayne Harris from Joan Shofner
Doug Havens from David, Kelli, Nicholas and Nathan Moix
John Helgen from Bobby and Leta
Dr. Thomas D. Henson from your family
Lena Hess from Mary Ann Stiefvater
Frank R. Homrighous from Lois Lee
Frank R. Homrighous from your sister-in-law, Lois Lee
Curtis Howard from Bill and Tammy Fulmer
Gerald & Johanna Hoyt from Tom & Margaret Davis
George W. Humfleet from Gary & Connie
Thomas E. Jared from Teena Gray
Tom Jared from Syble Jared
Ralph Jeffries from Bea Gray
Morris Jenkins from his wife, Dylis Jenkins
Kenneth Johnson from Norma Johnson (2 lights)
Anne A. Jones from Arch & Candy Jones
Wanda Josefczyk from Mike and Linda Pabin
Santiago King from Gabriel & Jo Esteban
Christopher Knopp from Jonny Knopp (2 lights)
Robbie Landrum from Teri & Nicolas
Frances Langham from Donna Hambuchen
James Hayes Langrell from Granddad Ken Langrell
Debi Bauman Lee from Susan Jan Burks
Lowell Michael Lee from Lois Lee
Nichole Marie Lemcke from a Friend
Doris Loser from Arlene Montgomery
Rex Lovell from Robert & Lori Ross
Thurman Mallett from Robert & Lori Ross
Martha from Mel
Karen Mathis from Jerry & Marilyn
William Joe McCool from Rachel Parker
Joey McDaniel from MiMi & Gran
Earl McGehee from Sammy and Lea Ann
Bill Miller from Donna Hambuchen
Baby Mitchell from Joan, Greg, Matthew & Michael
William Michael Montgomery from Diana Chance
William Howard Morgan, Jr. from Arch & Candy Jones
Paz Munson from Gabriel & Jo Esteban
Anna Sue Murphy from Rachel & David McVay
Skylar Alexis Nichols from Brenda Nichols
Stan Nichols from Brenda Nichols
Ben and Mary O'dell from Chris and Christy Hockaday (2 lights)
Salvie Palazolo from Kimberly & David Palazolo
Billye J. Palmer from D.W. Palmer
Biran Austin Peoples from Viola Peoples
Wilma Peppers from Patsy Moore
Jim Pledger from Courtnie Pledger
Chase Potter from Catherine Rougeau
Cheryl Potter from Catherine Rougeau
Syble Powell from Chris and Christy Hockaday
Emmett Preuitt from Jan, Granger, Carson & Emma
Frank D. Raycher from Gale Raycher
Eugene Redican from Dolores Redican
Lowell T. Reedy from Hildegard M. Reedy
My parents from Hildegard Reedy
Florence Reynolds from Elizabeth Strickland
Tim Reynolds from Grandpa John and Grandma Issy
Cecil Rice from Elizabeth Strickland
Robert Richards, Sr. from Kimberly & David Palazolo
Therron Bryan Richards from Kimberly & David Palazolo
Earl Rogers from Donna Hambuchen
Charlie Roller from Chris & Chandra Mitchell
Baby Ross from Mom, Dad, Taylor, Rachel & Natalie
Baby Ross from the Shofner Family
Daniel Elizabeth Sanson from Rebecca Sanson
Catherine Seiter from Mark & Terri Seiter
Lauren Elaine Shaw from William & Sarah Shaw
Our little angel from Mom, Dad, Matthew & Michael
Baby Shofner from Lori Ross
Our brother & son, Martin, from Melissa Pike Simpson, George & Robert
Our dad & husband, Royce, from Melissa Pike Simpson, George & Robert
Joyce Sims from Kelli Moix
Galley Smith from Sam and Lea Ann
Johnny Elmer Smith from your neighbors, Doyle & Sue Ingram
Johnny Elmer Smith from Your Loving Wife
Jamie and James Stanton from Don and Mary Mallory (2 lights)
Ruth Stephens from Nancy Bullard & Donna Stephens
Colleen "Meme" Stewart from Kym and Family
Doyle "Papa" Stewart from Kym and Family
Joe Stiefvater from Mary Ann Stiefvater
Louise Stiefvater from Mary Ann Stiefvater
Dr. Herd E. Stone from Linda and Mark Cooper
Cindy Strandlund from Lori & Robert Ross & girls
Cindy Strandlund from Richard and Mable Strandlund
Louis Strickland from Viola Peoples
Mayme Tapley from Jan Tapley
Benjamin Teas from Elizabeth Strickland
David Thessing from Robert & Lori Ross
Lawanna Thessing from Lea Ann
Jerry F. Thomas from Danica
David Trent from Robert & Lori Ross
Bliss Nicole Turnage from Heather Smith
Aron Taylor Tutt - 1st baby born in 2000
Anna Vaughn from Mark & Terri Seiter
Preston Blake Weed from Wanda Vaughters
Jimmy Welcher from Tom and Theresa
Ledas White from Sandra White
Dennis E. Wilcox from your wife, Louise Wilcox
Lee D. Wilcox from Mom
Paul Williams from Gerri Crisp
Paul Williams from Nancy Williams
Mable Wilson from granddaughter and daughter
Kenneth Winberry from Grandma
Betty H. Young from Ann and David Peters

Red Lights (In honor of) - $15
Jerry Adams from John Robbins
Dr. & Mrs. Burvin Alread from Bob & Barbara Henry
Melissa Anderson from Leta Stuckey
Janice Beard from Emily Maggio
Dr. Margaret Beasley from John Robbins
Mrs. Beene from Emma Davis and family
Annette Bell from Emily Maggio
Lisa Bell from Emily Maggio
Frances Blakney from Bonnie and Joe
Bob Blankenship from John Robbins
Colleen Brock from Mathilda Hulett
Emily Browning from Ann and David Peters
Ernest & Gladys Broyles
Andrea Bryant - You light up my world!  Mom
Mr. & Mrs. Phil Bumpers from Bob & Barbara Henry
Father Tom Byrne from Robert & Lori Ross
Marti Carey from Sandra White
Jeri Carter from Danny & Kathy Carter
Phyllis Chancellor from Sandra White
Marilyn Childs from Sandra White
Debbie Clark from the Women's Council
Jillian Cooper from Leta Stuckey
Jim Courtney from Jamie Courtney
Jonathan (Brent) Courtney from Jamie Courtney
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Coy from Paula and Richard Harris
CRHS Accounting Dept. from Steve Rose
CRHS Admitting Dept. from Steve Rose
CRHS Case Management from Trella Nabholz
CRHS Information Systems Dept. from Steve Rose
CRHS Medical Information Dept. from Steve Rose
CRHS Patient Accounting Dept/Business Office from Steve Rose
Conway Regional Medical Staff, Employees & Volunteers from John Robbins
Martha Cranston from Emily Maggio
Billy G. Crawford
Gerri Crisp from Nancy
Gerri Crisp from Sondra Gordy
Janet Criswell from the Women's Council
Jennifer Cunningham from the Women's Council
Sue Dablock from the Women's Council
Cathy Lea Dalton from Mary Michael Maggio
Kay Dalton from the Women's Council
Gabriel Davis from Granny & Pop Pop
Alicia Dixon from the Conway Regional Marketing & Foundation Department
John Dodd from John Robbins
Whitney Downing from Leta Stuckey
Betty Edgemon from Don and Mary Mallory
Ola Mae Ellis from Bonnie and Joe
Jack Engelkes from John Robbins
Wanda Everett from the Women's Council
Mark Ferguson from John Robbins
Alan Finley from John Robbins
Julie Finley from the Women's Council
Jessica Ford from Leta Stuckey
Brian, Donna, Kayleigh & Austin Foreman from Mom & Dad and Grandpa & Granny
Kyle Fowlkes from Leta Stuckey
Kylie & Aubrey Freeman from Lori Ross
Ruth Frenkel from Ellen Frenkel Kirsch
Pete and Elisabeth Gallup from Coach and VeVe
Zoe Gallup from Coach and VeVe
Bob Gant from John Robbins
Lisa George from Emily Maggio
Georgia Green from the Conway Regional Marketing & Foundation Department
Georgia Green from the Women's Council
Diann Hale from Angela Patterson
Donna Hambuchen from John Robbins
Marla Hambuchen from Emily Maggio
Earlene & Bill Hannah from Janice & Rodney
Barbara Henry from Julia Rose
Robert W. Henry from Julia Rose
Trudy Hightower from the Smyers family
Mr. & Mrs. G.A. Hines, Jr.
Christy Hockaday from John Robbins
Mandy Holmes from Emily Maggio
Renee Hunter from the Conway Regional Marketing & Foundation Department
Connie Irby from Leta Stuckey
Nancy Irby from Tom & Charlotte
Syble Jared from Teena Gray
Jayme Jeane from the Women's Council
Haley & Porter John from Gigi
April Johnson from Leta Stuckey
Cathy Johnson from the Women's Council
Sonja Keith from Mathilda Hulett
Kathy Kells from Tom & Charlotte Collier
Traci Kennedy from the Women's Council
Will & Elizabeth Kennedy from Gigi
Asher Kirsch from Ellen Kirsch
Asher Kirsch from Ruth Frenkel
Eden Kirsch from Ellen Kirsch
Eden Kirsch from Ruth Frenkel
Eli Kirsch from Ellen Kirsch
Eli Kirsch from Ruth Frenkel
Ellen Frenkel Kirsch from Ruth Frenkel
Dr. Patricia Knott CRRH from Trella Nabholz
Jacqueline Kordsmeier from the Women's Council
Ray Kordsmeier from John Robbins
Mrs. Kotch from Carson Davis and family
Cristal Lambert from the Women's Council
Jim Lambert from John Robbins
Catherine Lawrence from Coach and Mom
Caren Lewis from John Robbins
Alexis Lovell from Emily Maggio
Lisa Lovell from Mary Michael Maggio
D.K. Martin from Paula and Richard Harris
Mrs. Claudia Mason from Susan Beasley
Beth McCarron from Mom and Dad
Jennifer McCarron from Mom and Dad
Dr. Rick McCarron from John Robbins
Rick McCarron from Vicki
Vicki McCarron from Rick
Bob McCormack from John Robbins
Charlotte Moix from Anne Henry Maggio
Jennifer Moix from the Women's Council
Tricia Moix from Emily Maggio
Vicki Moix from Emily Maggio
Kim Moore from Sandra White
Trisha Moore
Dr. & Mrs. Waddy Moore from Bob & Barbara Henry
Beth Nabholz from Taylor, Rachel & Natalie Ross
Trella Nabholz from the Smyers family
Trella Nabholz from the Women's Council
Judy Nadboralski from the Conway Regional United Way Committee
Dennis Eugene Nixon from Grandmother
DeEnna Norwine from the Women's Council
Carolyn Olson from John Robbins
Dub and Norma O'Neel
Dub and Norma O'Neel from Lori, Joan & Donna
Pat Otto from Mathilda Hulett
Austin, Jacob & Nene Padgett - Keep shining brightly!  Love,  Pamela
Scott Padgett - You're the light of my life!  Pamela
Kimberly Palazolo from the Smyers family
Rachel & Sarah Patton from Lori Ross
Eric & Ryan Plemmons from Lori Ross
Julia Rose Razer from Bob & Barbara Henry
Eli & Caleb Reed from Lori Ross
James, Clinta, Caleb & Eli Reed from Danny & Kathy Carter
Patricia Remke from Sandra White
Mitzi Reynolds from the Women's Council
Lauren Rivers from Emily Maggio
Janice Robbins from the Women's Council
B.J. Roberts from John Robbins
Bobbi & Jack Roberts from Janice & Rodney
Freda Robinson from Carolyn Olson
Steve Rose from John Robbins
Lori Ross from John Robbins
Iris & Walter Ed Scales from Rex & Kathleen Butler
Susan Selig from the Women's Council
Allison, Emile and Brandon Shaw from William & Sarah Shaw
Margrete C. Shepherd, love Lisa
Matthew & Michael Shofner from Mom & Dad
Smyers/O'Connor family from Trella Nabholz
Patsy Snyder from Joe Maggio
Clay Spadoni from Danna Spadoni
Jan Spann from the Women's Council
Lisa Speer from Kristi Blankenship
Lynette Spruiell from the Smyers family
Lynette Spruiell from Trella Nabholz
Theresa Stalnaker from Emily Maggio
Raydo Stanley from Barbara Stanley
Ethelene Stevenson from Junior, Jan and Jay
Rose Sullivan from Nick Maggio
Martha & Clay Taylor from Lori Ross
Odessa Taylor from the Conway Regional Marketing & Foundation Department
Odessa Taylor from the Women's Council
Bill & Gloria Threet from Teena Gray (2 lights)
Dr. Bart Throneberry from John Robbins
Christine Valdez from the Women's Council
Angie White from Sandra White
Ella Marie White from Sandra White
Heather White from Sandra White
Avery White from Granny & Pop Pop
Libbi Whitehurst from the Women's Council
Shelia Whitmore from the Women's Council
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Wilbourn from Bob & Barbara Henry
Doris & Greg Williams from Janice & Rodney
Nancy Williams from Sondra Gordy
Nancy Williams from Gerri Crisp
Women's Inc. Editorial Board & Staff from Sonja Keith
Jewell Woodard from Sandra White
Annette Woodruff from the Smyers family
Annette Woodruff from Trella Nabholz
Gracie Young from Bill and Tammy Fulmer
Sydney Young from Bill and Tammy Fulmer


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